I’ve sunk into my own passion.
Living for relationship, and
finding romance displayed in my heart.

To communicate mature tones to the audience of the world is something small, but to make known the utter intimacies of your heart to the one you adore (pure transparency) is something magnificently huge & beautiful.

- Self.

Seems I’ve discovered to speak my mind more clearly, but more or less it’s just the heart translating through the mind. Out of depths I’ve discovered the quake of my soul.

- Myself.

Renew vision; open the gates of your eyes
to another dimension. One felt.

So many dreams coming into light.

Rising with laughter;

Such a light found in one’s eyes.
Let it escape, and envelop.

Don’t close Your ears to the melodies of togetherness.

Tightly woven are the years of joy.
Loose, and gone are thoughts of death.

Words releasing from mouths
that gather from Divine rain.

Through windows We’ve opened;
through clouds We may find
the words of tomorrow.

(Written May 14th, 2014.)

- Myself.



I don’t find “magic” is even a suitable title for my thoughts at this hour. I’m jolted by inspiration to write. The subject this evening (or morning) is divine balance. Some find the word “balance” daunting, or unstable for their minds. Some find it to be a discipline. I don’t find balance a discipline, but a nature of the heart, body, and soul.

There is a balance when one exchanges words with another.

There is balance in a storm, and one’s peace.

There are - strategies one may unravel in one’s mind
that in time find themselves blown by the wind in another direction.

I’ve found many surprising circumstances coming about in my life lately.

Currently (like the electric currents) I find there to be an unearthing of the balance between my mind, and power of the spirit. The true driving passion behind our eyes, and what may jolt others to action in time.

There are deep beliefs that one (you) may attain to their core,
and (then) to balance (weigh) every decision you make based
upon your core values system (like the system of your heart,
and your veins).

Let me break that apart without editing much;
the things you (the reader) may carry deeply in your soul,
perhaps they are things to be discovered. These things,
these values can be apart of every decision you make.
Nothing restraining your life, but giving it more fullness in
all that you do.

When one finds strength to carry out their daily life
with the wind of their very own spirit, and the words
of their heart (also mind), all I can see resulting is 
assuredly healthiness. Abundant sustaining happiness
with one’s self.

Yes, we can rest (be) assured that The Divine has the best
for us in mind as we hold true to what we come to know deeply
in our body. The words that jolt ourselves to action.

Words such as these; this magic.

- Jehoseph Divine.

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