We live in a wonderful world.
I’m not given into greed;
I’m given into a feast.

Let’s all love one another deeply.
To care for, uphold with our thoughts;
to be wise with our energy for we are human
even so Divine. Awakenings are abundant.

Truth like rich chocolate.

We uphold values of such color.

Let the aftertaste in Your mouth be sweet
with the words You’ve spoken.

- Self.

Create something lovely.
Build a house among trees.
Allow room for nature to grow.
People will be at ease in fine company.

Find children not given to greed.
Allow them to teach others.

Songs flowing from lips of lovers.
Let them be heard.

Sincerity springing from the heart.
May it be Yours.

- Self.

Absolute beauty.

I’m finding absolute beauty in the details of Life.
Resonating sequences of events that immerse emotions.
Wordless utterance, and a speech of the eyes.

Smiles, and laughter express many things.

Simplicity is strength.

- Self.

Another bottle of wine opens, and seasons change.

Pasts are forgiven, and we accept again.

Life is restored through a simple embrace.

Learning through power we give, bend, and don’t break.

I take the rain as a sign that things wash away.

When I awake I look forward to seeing a horizon, and lively plain.

- Self.

I find going into the deepest recesses of experience (pain for instance) to discover understanding is key to moving forward (quickly), and making history from fresh experiences rather than repeated patterns of the past.

- Self.

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